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We believe that technology must be in order to help people and nature at the same time. If we keep animals in captivity, we should provide them the best conditions possible. We provide better and healthier habitats for aquatic creatures, better work conditions for the staff and more flexibility for the Aquarium.



We believe that animals in captivity should have the best condicions. Once we put them in aquaria, they deserve living in a clean and clear enviroment, removing all the dirt and algae growth by the artificial light. A perfect habitat is absolutelly necessary for success in animal keeping. It is a practical issue but also moral.


Working in public aquaria can be one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. But it has also many dirty and dangerous tasks every day. It is not the same go swimming with sharks one single day inside a metal cage as doing it every day only for cleaning the glass. Spending time collecting catfish eggs is amazing. Cleaning windows is not. Robots can do it for you.


Almost every single aquarium or zoo is understaffed. Animals in captivity are 100% depending on the staff, and it is hard to keep up with the tasks . Flexibility is the key. Robots can do these simple tasks for us while doing something more productive and important for the company.


We know that the key to an unforgettable experience of visiting an aquarium is ensuring breathtaking visual impressions of the inhabited under-water-world. But what if the spectators cannot see clearly through the thick glass? Will they leave with a less experience of the animals and your aquarium?

CoolSax is a company that is specialized in cleaning and polishing under-water, by the use of robots. We ensure maximum visibility with minimum intervention.

Where possible our robots substitute the traditional human divers, cleaning and polishing at reducing cost compared to divers, enabling your team to focus on the fun part in their work. No more repetitive working postures for days, with potential sick days and other complaints to follow.

We can guarantee that it will be just as good as if done by the use of divers – at about 50% of the cost.


Paul Hamilton
General Manager, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
We are using the CoolSax window cleaning robots and we are highly satisfied with the product. It has very good flexibility. We recommend this product, it is an excellent robot
Max Janse
Curator Ocean, Burger's Zoo
…we just finished the job with CoolSax who did all the polishing of this window, and it is amazing if you see an aquarium, 18 years old, just changing to nearly a new aquarium
Lars Skou Olesen
Curator and Technical Manager, The Blue Planet Aquarium
…. in the past a team of divers with underwater polishing machines were hired …. Now a Danish company has created a robot that can run up and down the window with a polishing head, which is pressed against the window with the same pressure…. to smooth out the scratches. And we can we see a really big difference in it. It works really well
Peter David Mouritsen
Head of Technical Department, The Blue Planet Aquarium
The robot has the advantage that it can provide a constant pressure, while our divers had to use suction cups to stick

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