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The concepts of the cleaning robots used by CoolSax was invented in 2000 by two old-school German engineers who were approached by the responsible for the maintenance of a large aquarium, having heard about the two German engineers, specialised in niche products.

Quickly a need arises and a solution to follow that was not only reducing the cleaning cost in the maintenance budget, but also relieving the divers for boring work. The cleaning robot was born.

Under-water Cleaning and Polishing

In 2011, 11 years after the first robot was made and with significant product development to follow over the years, yet another customer requested a specialised product. A polishing robot, capable of manuvering like the cleaning robot, but capable of polishing the inside of the windows, an even more boring job for divers. The polishing robot was born.

In 2015 the cleaning and polishing robots were revised and CoolSax was born.

Since then a strong focus on product development and meeting customer requirements and expectations has been implemented leading the business into automation.

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