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How does it work?

Our robots attach to the interior of the glass via a suction device when lowered into the water.

With a belted traction mechanism the robot is operated from the outside via the easy to use, comfortable radio control.

The advantadge is that the operator of our machines views in the same line of sight as the spectators while operating the robot. This ensures an on-going quality control and it negates the need for the a second person to guide a diver as well as other safety personnel required. The concept is simple. One robot, one operator, in all situations.
Our cleaning robots are fitted with a cleaning scraper that it drags over the window while moving, removing the biofilm. Our robots can additionally be fitted with a vacuum cleaner that removes the major and potential damaging particles prior to the cleaning with the scraper. For those really badly sticking algae a rotating brush system can be added.

Our polishing robot is constructed over the same platform as the cleaning machine. Instead of the cleaning scrapers it has a polishing head mounted in one end.

The polishing head is fitted with 3 discs to reduce non-productive time for changing polishing discs or in case there is a need to polish with different grain sizes.

Why a robot?

A robot..

  • …does not mind to perform, repetitive, boring or dangerous work
  • …does not require breaks, holidays and sick days
  • …does not pollute the habitat
  • …fits into narrower spaces where artifacts are close to the window
  • …can be more efficient
  • …exposes your habitat to minimum disturbance over all
  • …reduces the human risks associated with diving

Our robots are made solely of materials that are widely used in aquariums and hence it does not expose the marine habitat to any other danger or contamination compared to the traditional use of divers. The robots are maintained using the same type of grease as used in diver’s equipment and we polish with the same type of polishing discs as divers uses.

We provide a supplement to the over all maintenance of the aquariums that is relieves your divers repetitive work.

Maximum visibility, minimum intervention



  • It can clean more than 200 square meters of internal tank glass/acrylic per hour.
  • Up to 20 meter deep in the aquarium.
  • Stuck to the glass/acrylic by suction, adapting also to curve surfaces like tunnels.
  • Suitable for all type of aquariums (freshwater, marine, brackish).
  • Is operted from the dry side.
  • Easy driving, minimum staff training (Everybody is able to do it!)
  • Powerful and long live batteries (1,5 hours full speed)
  • Very cool technological appearance.
Triton 2.0
Triton 2.0
Triton 2.0


  • It can clean more, better and faster than divers.
  • Avoid staff getting injured by jellyfish, shark, poison fish or dangerous creatures or diving in cold water.
  • Reduce cost of scuba diving equipment.
  • Provides maximum flexibility to those less enjoyable maintenance tasks.
  • Suitable for all type of aquariums (freshwater, marine, brackish)
  • It is an attraction by itself – it is a robot!



  • Based on the same platform as the TRITON 2.0
  • Fitted with a polishing head in one end instead of cleaning scrapers.
  • Completely uniform polishing method – no fish-eye effect!
  • Customers can adapt the service needed to the area with scratches.
  • Two options: rent polishing machine and staff or only the machine and do it yourself.
  • We can provide a fixed cost.


  • Polishing aquarium acrylic fast and safe for staff and animals.
  • The robot polishes always with the same pressure against the window, removing the same amount of material. This is avoiding fish eye effect and/or damaging acrylic.
  • No need to empty the aquarium and disturb habitat.
  • Reduce water chemistry changes. No air pumps involved.
  • Reduce the working time to keep tanks ready for visitors. Avoid closing nicest tanks and provide bad customers feedback.
  • Our robot remove even the deepest shark and fish scratches.
  • Excellent results, visitors will see aquariums as brand new.
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